Colorado Avalanche vs. Ottawa Senators live blog

Colorado Avalanche vs. Ottawa Senators live blog

The Colorado Avalanche take on the Ottawa Senators live from Stockholm, Sweden. Get live updates, tweets, photos, analysis and more. Mobile users, can’t see the live blog? Tap here.

(function(d, s, id) {var js,ijs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(d.getElementById(id))return;js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;ijs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, ijs);}(document, “script”, “scrbbl-js”));Big win. Sticks up. #NHLGlobalSeries (OT): @Senators (4) – @Avalanche (3)

Ottawa beats Avalanche in OT in Sweden in Matt Duchene’s first game since trade #avs Mark Stone wins it in OT in Stockholm! #NHLGlobalSeries @EASPORTSNHL

.@AvsBernie you old DOG! 🐶😂 #NHLfi #NHLGlobalSeries

Jim Montgomery never envisioned that his defending national champion and preseason No. 1 University of Denver team……MacKinnon on Girard: “It’s awesome that he can be such a threat for us. I’m really excited to have him.”, and later Bednar during his presser both agreed that the team needs to generate more chances and shoot the puck more #Avs #NHLGlobalSeries #EurolancheRAID “We’ve found some solid chemistry and we showed that again. It’s a matter of burying more of our chances.” said he was impressed with Girard, going as far as calling him the team’s best player today #NHLGlobalSeries #EurolancheRAID If they send him down, they’ll have done effed up…Good point for Avs, but also frustrating game. Compher and Nieto were brutal, Varly not goodOne point tonight.

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo love that it’s just friday today. have a show tonight at school, then can sleep in again tomorrow. another show at school. then can sleep in again the next day. hallelujah!Ottawa is a good team. too bad their style is super trap.Avs had a great first period to that game, but then fell off a bunch. had a couple good shifts in the second and really had the one chance in the third. gotta carry that energy and execution level from period one throughout the game.Kerfoot named as the game’s second star. Well deserved, him and Girard were great to look atAvs managed a point, so it’s not all bad. next game will be a fun one.After such a lifeless third period, the Avs should be happy with the point they’ve earnedSTONE! WINS IT IN OT! #SENS WIN 4-3! #NHLGLOBALSERIES

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tough time to try and force a change, and Avs lose in OTSens winThe entire arena held their breath with Duchene openThat was cheeky by HoffmanOT underway in Stockholm. Duchene, Hoffman and Karlsson start for the #Sens . #GoSensGo #NHLGlobalSeries’s play some three on three hockey!With the end of the third, Sens coach Guy Boucher remains undefeated by the Avs in regulationAfter sixty #GoSensGo it is. Avs got a late chance, but it’s OT. get at least a point.The game’s sold out per an official NHL statement#Avs and Senators are tied at 3 with less than a minute to play. Follow live updates here: almost scores his second after a wraparoundThe Landeskog family has a STRONG sweater game and dad looks so proud!

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo tried to power through three SensMacKinnon winds up for a shot but ends up losing his footingYakupov goes down. No whistleEricsson Arena goes bananas as the final score of the Sweden-Italy football (soccer, ugh) game is announced. Sweden won 1-0GOAL! It’s 3-3 in the 3rd as MacK puts away a backdoor feed!

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo

The Avs can’t seem to move Stone away from the doorstep. I’d rather spare you all the rock and boulder puns I had ready. You’re welcomeTick tack toe between Landeskog, Rantanen and MacKinnon, with MacK getting extremely lucky, as he hit the puck as bad as he possibly couldwow, MacK got LUCKY on that. but hey, we’ll take it!Avalanche tie it. 3-3.great passing!!! MacK gets it in there! nearly missed it, but got it!We’re tied once again!Avs FINALLY get a shot on AndersonSure, he doesn’t solve the teams defensive woes, but he’s been more than great in his debut so farGirard played that well coming back, still, Avs offense and transition have fallen off big time since the first period. They were everywhere early, have not been good enough since then.Girard’s turns and edgework are picture perfectgotta make him make a save boys. can’t score if you don’t hit the net.Relying too much on rushes, they need to stay in the offensive zone and put some pressure on the SensThe Avs have been bad since the start of the periodPageau misses on a breakawayAnother lost faceoff pushes the Avs out of the offensive zoneAvs gotta pick it up#EurolanchdRAID…Girard now back with Barrie apparentlyKerfoot really plays his heart out. Had a brutal turnover, but was the first forward to get back into his own endRantanen hits a stick from between the circlesPageau whiffs on an open net shot, Avs got luckyKerfoot’s effort in the own zone on that shift was amazingSecond intermission selfie!

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(Bernie is quite pupular here today.) #NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo gets poke-checked on his way towards goalAvs have 20 more minutes to tie it upIt’s third period time. #GoSensGo game: ✔️
First point: ✔️

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo are getting killed on faceoffs, are below 30%,while Ottawa is above 70%Who gave Bernie the t-shirt cannon!?

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo

First game: ✔️
First pont: ✔️

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo need to avoid bad penalties like the ones by 37 and 57. Karlsson will connect from the point evetually if gifted opportunitiesNieto’s goal would be like cheating (not that DiDomenico’s goal wasn’t) but hey, when you have 4 shots on goalThe PK had two big kills, almost getting a goal after Nieto was slashed on a breakawaySecond period similar to the first one. Avs start off strong, but get sloppy again. Had trouble getting shots away.Chris DiDomenico pots his 3rd goal of the season and puts the #Sens in front 3-2 after two periods. #GoSensGo #NHLGlobalSeries

#HereAreSomeMoreNumbers to go in Sweden!

#NHLGlobalSeries #GoAvsGo


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