Kickin’ it with Kiz: Could have Tim Tebow been a starter for the Broncos … at tight end?

Kickin’ it with Kiz: Could have Tim Tebow been a starter for the Broncos … at tight end?

I read your column on Tim Tebow playing baseball. It seems to me the New York Mets are using his celebrity to draw crowds to minor-league ballparks. I believe the word for that is shill. What I don’t understand is a question that has nagged me ever since he left the Broncos. At some point, Tebow must have realized he was not going to make it at quarterback in the NFL. Why didn’t Tebow try out as a tight end?

– Peter, turns lemons into …

Kiz: Yes, Tebow sells tickets. So does Bono, for peforming U2 songs that are 30 years old. Customers that pay to watch the former quarterback and old rocker seem to go home happy. Tebow as an NFL tight end? It’s not a bad idea, except for two problems: 1) Once you’ve been a quarterback, there’s no other position on the football field worth playing, and 2) I’m not certain Tebow could catch a football as well as Virgil Green, let alone be Rob Gronkowski.

In regards to your story on Tebow and baseball: Once a Tebow hater, always a Tebow hater. Your cover is blown, Kiz.

– Mary, die-hard Tebow fan

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Kiz: On a hot afternoon in a minor-league dugout, I told Tebow what I will always admire about him. When Tebow was a rookie, I spied a Broncos veteran chuckling at how the young quarterback was a Timmy Try Hard that needed to win every wind sprint. A few weeks later, that same vet approached me and confided: “I’ve never met a football player more genuinely positive every day. I don’t know how Tebow does it, but I want me some of that.”

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Once again, June sinks the Rockies with a big losing streak and they fall out of contention. It doesn’t matter who the manager is or what players are on the roster. You’re the man, Kiz. Tell it like it is.

– Tom, swooning in Colorado

Kiz: We have a motto here at Kickin’ It Headquarters: There’s no reason to cry in a half-empty glass of beer, when chugging it is way more fun. It’s true, the Rockies are not going to win the first division title in franchise history. The Los Angeles Dodgers are too good for Colorado to catch. But pardon me for channeling my inner Steve Perry, when I sing these words: Don’t stop believing. Manager Bud Black will find a way to keep his team in the playoff hunt all season long.

– I have caught your Saturday morning show on 1340 AM, and you belong on Denver radio more than one program a week.

A.L., sports-talk connoisseur

Kiz: You want to be my agent? I’m not sure I can afford to pay you. But I will let you eat half my French fries.

And today’s parting shot is 90 proof sarcasm. And it’s poured on me, because I suggested the Rockies need to make a trade for a relief pitcher.

C’mon, Kiz. We don’t need arms. We’ve got the Rooftop.

– R.K., snarkmeister

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