Kirk Cousins plays a round of golf with President Donald Trump

Kirk Cousins plays a round of golf with President Donald Trump

As quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Kirk Cousins has the highest-profile job in the city except for the president of the United States. Or so it’s sometimes said. Now, Cousins is rubbing shoulders with President Donald Trump.

The Redskins quarterback joined Trump and two others for a round of golf Saturday at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, New Jersey.

Cousins said that Eric Shuster, the director of strategic partnerships at CSN Midatlantic, had something to do with the pairing. Approached on the subject, Cousins said playing golf with the president was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“Great experience,” Cousins said after the Redskins’ practice in Ashburn, Virginia, on Wednesday. “I didn’t ever think that would happen. Had a good enough time that if there’s any former presidents in the D.C. area that want to give me a call, I’d love to meet them at one of the courses around here. I know lots of them are members at these courses and I’m not, so I’d love to get on and get to meet them. Republican, Democrat, left, right, I’d love an invite.”

Earlier this month, former Broncos and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning played a round of golf with President Trump.

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