Kickin’ it with Kiz: Will Chris Paul be the NBA free agent to erase Denver’s reputation as a fly-over city?

Kickin’ it with Kiz: Will Chris Paul be the NBA free agent to erase Denver’s reputation as a fly-over city?

I think NBA free agents throw the Nuggets a bone because we’re a cool city. But Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul still has a couple years to chase a ring. He ain’t comin’ to Denver.

Treshiq, keeping it real

Kiz: The Nuggets are desperate for love, which makes them vulnerable to any NBA free agent’s flirtation, only to be dumped after Denver management gets used for leverage. But know what? The Nuggets must keep trying, whether it’s Dwyane Wade or Paul or Gordon Hayward. All it takes is one to say yes. And the stigma against signing with this fly-over city will be gone. I’m not saying Paul will be the one to change Denver’s reputation around the league. But it will happen, because money and winning is way more important to pro athletes than the weather or club scene in this dusty old cow town.

Sign Paul, then package Emmanuel Mudiay, Wilson Chandler, Kenneth Faried and draft picks for Indiana Pacers star Paul George. The Nuggets’ starting lineup would be: Paul, Gary Harris (backed up by Jamal Murray), George, Mason Plumlee and Nikola Jokic.

Brandon, dreaming big

Kiz: Well, far be it from me to ruin anyone’s fantasy. But the Nuggets did make a play for George prior to the NBA trade deadline. George not so subtly let it be known that if traded to Denver, he would leave the Pepsi Center and hop the first Elitch’s roller coaster out of town. George wants to play for the Lakers. Maybe if LeBron James gets tired of Cleveland and decides he wants to be the King of Hollywood, he can grant George’s wish.

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So Colorado makes football coach Mike MacIntyre pay a $100,000 fine because he handled the Joe Tumpkin situation so badly. But then the Buffaloes give him a new $16 million contract? What a joke. It reeks of hypocrisy.

John, Loveland

Kiz: What has our flagship university taught us? Taking a stand against domestic violence is important. But it is not as vital as winning football games.

John Elway’s arrogance is not going to let his prize show pony (Paxton Lynch) sit the bench for another year. If that happens, new coach Vance Joseph will be retiring for “health” reasons.

Jeffrey, Parker

Kiz: When Denver opens the season against the Chargers, Lynch will be the quarterback, and Garett Bolles will start at left tackle. If this proves to be true, Broncos Country will not remember you read it here first. But if my prediction is incorrect, a stranger will walk up to me while I’m picking out avocados 20 years from now, and remind me of the mistake.

And today’s parting shot explores the possibility of relocating Kickin’ It Headquarters to Fargo or Marrakesh.

Trevor Siemian doesn’t deserve your constant disrespect. He’s a better quarterback by far than you are a sportswriter. (And he’s a better person, as well). I wish The Denver Post could trade you to another newspaper.

Tony, 13 his lucky number

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